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2009 All Scientists Meeting

The 2009 All Scientists Meeting was held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado from September 13 to the 17th.  The Program Committee, working with the LTER Network Office, created a program that by all accounts, formed an exciting and productive meeting. Six plenary speakers (Phil Robertson, Jim Collins, Dave Schimel, Bill Clark, Laura Ogden, Carol Brewer), including an evening plenary presentation on the pre-history and future of LTER (Dave Coleman and Henry Gholz). There were over 75 Working group meetings in seven working group sessions, over 400 posters, four evening mixers, and pre-ASM meetings for information managers, graduate students, education representatives, international attendees, and the LTER Executive Board. Logistics for the meeting are handled by the LTER Network Office in collaboration with The Schneider Group, a company specializing in meeting organization. Special thanks to Luke Cole (VCR) and Kirsten Schwarz (BES) who designed the ASM Logo!

Working Group Organizers: Please add your final report and participant list to your working group information as well as presentations or other meeting materials. To do this, Log in on the ASM web page, go to your working group and go to the "Edit" tab to update the "Official Participants" and "Products" tab.  Please submit your final report as a PDF - if you have problems converting your document to a PDF, please use the Contact tab on the main web page.


There were more than 400 poster abstracts submitted for the meeting. Abstracts for additional posters put up during the meeting that were not included in the final meeting agenda can be seen on the "Posters" tab.

Note that you need to log into this site with your LTER account information to update Working Group information or see your account information and schedule. If you don't have a LTER account, follow the instructions from the Login sidebar to request a new account or request a new password if you forgot it on an existing LTER account.

News and Announcements

Final" items for the 2009 LTER ASM

We are less than two weeks out from the 2009 LTER ASM and the meeting has come together very well. The ASM webpage is your primary source for information and schedules for the ASM:
There are RSS and Twitter feeds for the meeting which can be found on the main ASM page. Remember to "Sign in" on the ASM page to get access to the full meeting content.

LTER ASM 2009 Registered Attendees

AIBS - Science Policy: How to Inform, Influence, and Communicate with Policymakers

AIBS Evening Plenary Session by Jenna Jadin, AIBS Public Policy Office

Monday September 14 1930

YMCA - LTER All Scientists Meeting - Working Group Room Descriptions

All Working Group Rooms will have a digital projector, screen, flip chart and pens.  Workshop organizers must provide their own display computers and might consider an ethernet cable if you plan to use a wired connection where available. If you need an overhead projector, please advise LNO staff of this need PRIOR to the ASM.   All rooms should have wired phone lines, know numbers are listed. Ad-hoc meeting rooms can be reserved at any time, there will be a sign-up sheet in the "Aspen Dining Room". 

The Pre-History of LTER - Dave Coleman

Plenary Address at the LTER All Scientists Meeting

Sunday, September 13 1900

Dave Coleman
Odum School of Ecology
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602.

The Pre-History of LTER


A history of the Directorate of Biological Sciences at the National Science Foundation

A history of the Directorate of Biological Sciences at the National Science Foundation is currently under preparation. A section of that history, covering 1975-2005, will include LTER. Dr. Donald J. McGraw, doing this study under contract to NSF, will be present at the LTER/ASM meetings in Estes Park. He would be appreciative of anyone of our LTER group would like to offer in the way of documents, pictures, histories (of any type or length) done on LTER.

Important information on ASM lodging

Given the numerous questions regarding the procedure for reserving housing at the YMCA of the Rockies, please note the following before making your reservations. If you have any questions about the following, address them to me, not the YMCA.

Now Accepting proposals for ASM working groups

Invitation to submit proposals for working groups for inclusion in the LTER All Scientists Meeting September 2009. PROPOSALS ACCEPTED UNTIL 1 JULY 2009.  Times requested for working groups will be prioritized by submission date.

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