2009 ASM Program Committee

The All Scientists Meeting Program Committee is co-chaired by Gus Shaver (Arctic LTER) and Bob Waide (LNO).

Team members include:

  • John Vande Castle (synthesis, remote sensing and general logistics) as LNO liaison
  • Evelyn Gaiser (FCE, aquatic community ecology)
  • Mark Williams (NWT, biogeochemistry, hydrology)
  • Morgan Grove (BES, social science, geography)
  • Chris Boone (CAP, social science, geography)
  • Bob Carpenter (MCR, coral reef trophodynamics, productivity)
  • Jeannine Cavender-Bares (CDR, ecophysiology)
  • Adrian Burd (GCE, biological oceanography/modeling )
  • Pam Templer (HBR, ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry)
  • Nick Oehm (FCE, education)

Also in the program committee are:

  • Ali Whitmer (SBC, Education committee co-chair)
  • Kristen Vanderbilt (SEV)
  • Corinna Gries (CAP, IM co-chair)
  • Amber Hardison (VCR, biogeochemistry and graduate student committee co-chair)
  • Chelse Prather (LUQ, food webs/modeling and grad student committee co-chair)