Final" items for the 2009 LTER ASM

We are less than two weeks out from the 2009 LTER ASM and the meeting has come together very well. The ASM webpage is your primary source for information and schedules for the ASM:
There are RSS and Twitter feeds for the meeting which can be found on the main ASM page. Remember to "Sign in" on the ASM page to get access to the full meeting content.

Please see the FAQ list on the ASM page ( and use the "Contact" form for any question you might have so we can track these requests:

There are a few items that we hope you pay attention to:

TODAY is the "deadline" for poster submissions to be included in the printed program - actually we will send the poster title and author list to the printer WEDNESDAY, so if you still want to have a poster in the program submit it NOW. We know some sites are busy with site reviews but all you really need for the moment is your title and authors and a short description. You can edit the abstract at any time. We will close poster submissions when we hit our limit of 450 (we are at 330 now). Note that SITE DESCRIPTION, ILTER, MSP, ULTRA-Ex and NEON posters will be set up and viewed SUNDAY, September 13. The rest of the posters will be set up Monday, and remain up for the duration of the meeting. Odd-Numbered posters will be attended on Monday, Even number posters will be attended Tuesday. We can still use more student poster judges:

Please log in and sign up for working groups on the ASM webpage. This gives organizers an idea of who will be attending the session and allows them to easily add you as a participant. If you are an organizer, don't forget to sign up for your own... You can look at "Your account" on the ASM page and get a great sorted agenda of what you plan to attend - as well as any posters or workgroups you submitted.

You should have your ASM housing taken care of by now, the LTER block was closed. Contact the YMCA directly if you still need lodging, contact us if you have any problems. YOU NEED TO BOOK AIRPORT SHUTTLE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE. Because there were so few reservations for airport shuttles to the YMCA of the Rockies, one of the companies backed out, although we found a new Limo service that would be ideal for larger groups/better "rides". DON"T EXPECT TO ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT AND GET TO THE YMCA WITHOUT ADVANCE RESERVATIONS!!! See the lodging and transportation page for directions and maps of the YMCA or more info.

As we estimated, we currently have about 750 attendees for the ASM although not all of you have registered. Reservations for housing are not the same as Registration for the meeting. Please register NOW if you plan to attend the ASM. It not only saves you money but saves us costs in last minute logistic changes. See the agenda for times to pick up registration materials. See FAQ #13 and #14 to see if you are unsure if have registered.

Thank you and we look forward to see you in Estes Park!