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No. Title Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Student Poster
206 Extracting habitat features from hyperspectral imagery of the Duplin salt marshes at Sapelo Island, Georgia
Affiliated Site(s): GCE
John Schalles (GCE)
John Schalles's picture
205 The response of microplankton in an Antarctic lake during the transition to polar night
Affiliated Site(s): MCM
Trista Vick (MCM)
08/08/09 Yes
204 Oviposition site preference and larval performance of the aspen leaf miner (Phyllocnistis populiella)
Affiliated Site(s): BNZ
Russell Dennis (BNZ)
08/07/09 Yes
203 The effects of fire on the plant community in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland
Affiliated Site(s): SEV
Terri Koontz (SEV)
202 It's the network: How personal relationships shape decisions about private forests
Affiliated Site(s): HFR
David Kittredge (HFR)
David Kittredge's picture
201 First-year effects of tundra fire on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in streams on the North Slope, Alaska
Affiliated Site(s): ARC
Angela Allen (ARC)
Angela Allen's picture
08/05/09 Yes
200 Konza Prairie LTER Program: Grassland Dynamics and Long-Term Trajectories of Change
Affiliated Site(s): KNZ
John Blair (KNZ)
199 Controls on Stream Chemistry in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Affiliated Site(s): MCM
Kathleen Welch (MCM)
198 Biogeography of Bacterial Diversity and Function Across a Heterogeneous Alpine Landscape
Affiliated Site(s): NWT
Andrew King (NWT)
08/04/09 Yes
197 Twenty year record of vegetation change from long-term plots in Alaskan tundra
Affiliated Site(s): ARC
William Gould (LUQ)
William Gould's picture
196 Whole lake response to an artificial mixing experiment
Affiliated Site(s): NTL
Ashley Shade (NTL)
08/04/09 Yes
195 Whole-lake changes resulting from intensive trapping of the invasive rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus): Can we induce a regime shift?
Affiliated Site(s): NTL
Gretchen Hansen (NTL)
08/03/09 Yes
194 Interior and Boundary Mixing in a Stratified Lake
Affiliated Site(s): NTL
Yi-Fang Hsieh (NTL)
08/02/09 Yes
193 Patterns and drivers of phytoplankton primary productivity in the Santa Barbara Channel: The effects of wind forcing and mesoscale eddies
Affiliated Site(s): SBC
Mark Brzezinski (SBC)
192 Ecosystem state change from high marsh to low marsh – it’s not that simple
Affiliated Site(s): VCR
Robert Christian (VCR )
Robert Christian's picture
191 An ecological assessment of core and edge populations of two dominant Great Plains grasses
Affiliated Site(s): SGS
Amanda Lease (KNZ)
07/30/09 Yes
190 Riparian Forest Composition Influences Multi-Trophic Stream Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Affiliated Site(s): ILTER
John Kominoski (CWT)
John Kominoski's picture
189 North Temperate Lakes LTER: Understanding the past, present, and future of lake districts
Affiliated Site(s): NTL
Emily Stanley (NTL)
188 The Moorea Coral Reef LTER Site
Affiliated Site(s): MCR
Russell Schmitt (MCR)
187 100 years of forest cover change in the urbanizing Gwynns Falls watershed, Baltimore, Maryland: spatial and temporal dynamics
Affiliated Site(s): BES
Weiqi Zhou (BES)
186 Wind: A major integrator of landscapes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys (MCM) ecosystem
Affiliated Site(s): MCM
Andrew Fountain (MCM)
185 Net Ecosystem Exchange of carbon and water vapor among contrasting land-uses types in the semiarid short-grass steppe in Central Mexico
Affiliated Site(s): ILTER
Henry Loescher (OTHER)
184 Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS)
Affiliated Site(s): OTHER
Teresa Mourad (NONE)
183 Long-term forest floor data and the changing nitrogen budget at Hubbard Brook’s Watershed 6
Affiliated Site(s): HBR
Matthew Vadeboncoeur (HBR)
07/27/09 Yes
182 Grassland-Shrubland Transitions Across Sevilleta Landscapes
Affiliated Site(s): SEV
Debra Peters (JRN)
Debra Peters's picture