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293 Impacts of increasing woody vegetation in herbaceous dominated systems: Understanding the role of fire.
Affiliated Site(s): KNZ
John Briggs (KNZ)
82 "House system" and natural resources sharing – an historical ecological approach in the western Pyrenees (France)
Affiliated Site(s): ILTER
Dolores De Bortoli (INT)
187 100 years of forest cover change in the urbanizing Gwynns Falls watershed, Baltimore, Maryland: spatial and temporal dynamics
Affiliated Site(s): BES
Weiqi Zhou (BES)
96 3-D autonomous biogeochemistry of West Lake Bonney, MCM
Affiliated Site(s): MCM
Peter Doran (MCM)
300 A biogeochemical budget for iron at Hubbard Brook
Affiliated Site(s): HBR
Colin Fuss (HBR)
08/28/09 Yes
65 A Call for Collaborators: Developing a One Health Initiative across the LTER Network
Affiliated Site(s): KNZ
Samantha Wisely (KNZ)
213 A Canopy Trimming Experiment: effects on invertebrates, microbes and decay.
Affiliated Site(s): LUQ
Grizelle Gonzalez (LUQ)
334 A Collaborative Database of LTER Projects at Sites
Affiliated Site(s): CAP
Margaret O'Brien (SBC)
373 A New Network for Hurricane Researchers
Affiliated Site(s): FCE
Robert Waide (LUQ)
Robert Waide's picture
105 A non-destructive approach to assessing changes in understory algal biomass and productivity in response to climate-induced changes in disturbance
Affiliated Site(s): SBC
Shannon Harrer (SBC)
07/01/09 Yes
307 A Parcel-level Dasymetric Approach to Mapping Changes in the Distribution of Urban Flooding Risks, Baltimore, Maryland (1950-2000)
Affiliated Site(s): BES
Kirstin Dow (BES)
160 A Proposed Ecological Information Management System for the East Asia-Pacific Regional ILTER Network (EAP-ILTER)
Affiliated Site(s): ILTER
MeeiRu Jeng (INT)
115 A shift in diatom species regime due to increased phosphorous associated with the thaw of alpine permafrost
Affiliated Site(s): NWT
Tisza Bell (NWT)
07/03/09 Yes
236 A Strategy for NEON Data Products
Affiliated Site(s): NEON
Michael Keller (OTHER)
317 A study and comparison of urban natural resource stewardship networks in Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD.
Affiliated Site(s): BES
Michele Romolini (BES)
08/31/09 Yes
254 A Web of Data Repositories
Affiliated Site(s): CCE
Lynn Yarmey (CCE)
380 Aeolian flux of microorganisms in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Affiliated Site(s): MCM
Marie Sabacka (MCM)
09/01/09 Yes
355 Alder strategies for phosphorus assimilation across a boreal forest successional sequence
Affiliated Site(s): BNZ
Michaela Swanson (BNZ)
08/31/09 Yes
30 Algae dynamics in the Kalamazoo River
Affiliated Site(s): KBS
Micaleila Desotelle (KBS)
06/08/09 Yes
131 Alligators as Apex Predators in a Marine Ecosystem
Affiliated Site(s): GCE
James Nifong (GCE)
James Nifong's picture
07/10/09 Yes
130 Altered precipitation patterns increase the genetic diversity of a dominant tallgrass species
Affiliated Site(s): KNZ
Meghan Avolio (KNZ)
07/09/09 Yes
52 Amplification and dampening of soil respiration by changes in temperature variability
Affiliated Site(s): AND
Carlos A. Sierra (AND)
06/18/09 Yes
175 An automated system for continuous measurements of trace gas fluxes through snow: an evaluation of the gas diffusion method at a subalpine forest site, Niwot Ridge, Colorado
Affiliated Site(s): NWT
Brian Seok (NWT)
07/21/09 Yes
191 An ecological assessment of core and edge populations of two dominant Great Plains grasses
Affiliated Site(s): SGS
Amanda Lease (KNZ)
07/30/09 Yes
71 An empirical model of the spatial distribution of lead in urban residential soils of Baltimore, Maryland
Affiliated Site(s): BES
Kirsten Schwarz (BES)
06/26/09 Yes