LTER Executive Board (closed meeting - 1pm - 5pm)

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Phil Robertson
Robert Waide

This is a biennial meeting of the LTER Executive Board.  It is a closed session for EB Members only.

The Executive Board manages the day-to-day business of the LTER Network. The Executive Board has the power to authorize action on behalf of the LTER Network; to make rules or regulations for its management; to create, evaluate, and dissolve additional offices or special committees; and to select, employ or remove such of its officers or agents as it shall deem best. The Executive Board has the power to fill vacancies in, and change the membership of, duly constituted committees. The Executive Board is responsible for developing and updating the Strategic Plan for the LTER Network and for developing and recommending Bylaws changes.

The LTER Executive Board meets at least each year, at least once in person, to discuss scientific and administrative issues. Voting Members are chosen by sites in rotation to serve three-year terms. The dates shown below reflect when each member's term ends. The Chair of the LTER Science Council also serves as the Chair of the Executive Board. The Chair-elect serves for one year before assuming the position of Chair. A non-voting member is chosen by the Information Management Committee to serve a three-year term. The Executive Director of the LTER Network Office is an ex oficio member of the Executive Board.


Current Members include:

Phil Robertson– Chair – Spring 2009
Sarah Hobbie (CDR) - Spring 2010
Sally Holbrook (MCR) - Spring 2010
Steven Pennings (GCE) - Spring 2010
Ted Gragson (CWT) – Spring 2011
Dave McGuire (BNZ) - Spring 2011
Mark Williams (NWT) - Spring 2011
Nicholas Brokaw (LUQ) - Spring 2012
Hugh Ducklow (PAL) - Spring 2012
David Foster (HFR) - Spring 2012
Corinna Gries (Information Management Committee) - Spring 2011
Bob Waide (LNO) – ex oficio

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Ancillary: Working Group Session 2

Sun, 09/13/2009 - 8:30am - 7:00pm
Longs Peak Keyhole
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