ASM Student Poster Judges

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John Vande Castle

The ASM student poster judges will each review a subset of all student posters.  Judges may review posters from their own site (scores will be scrutinized and should be justified if a high score is given), although they can NOT judge their own or co-authored posters.  Judges are free to declare a COI for any reason (if they are uncomfortable reviewing a poster from their site, a friend, relative etc.).   Each Judge will be given a list of 12 to 16 posters to view either Monday or Tuesday at the ASM. Each poster will be reviewed by at least 6 judges.   Sheets listing poster assignments will be available at the beginning of the mixer on Sunday evening, as well as on Monday for those not attending the Sunday mixer.  

Posters will be rated from low to high with a score from 1 to 10 respectively.  A rating for a poster should start with a score of 5 and move up or down depending on content.  The AVERAGE SCORE of any judge's rating should be about FIVE.  A score of 1 or 10 should be rare from all judges.  Scores will go directly on the poster assignment sheets next to each poster number on the judging sheet.   For any poster that a Judge is an author, co-author or has any other direct conflict of interest, other than simply a site affiliation, or for any other reason, should simply put "COI" instead of a numeric score.  Judges should put their name, site affiliation, and a SHORT descriptive paragraph for the two highest ratings of your review, particularly for any posters rated as a 9 or 10 on the back of each score sheet. 

All score sheets must be completed by Tuesday evening at the close of the mixer.  There will be a box in the mixer foyer to deposit completed score sheets.   A subset of judges will assemble all scores and select a winner and 4 runner-up posters.  Winners will be announced at the beginning of the entertainment and mixer on Wednesday evening.  As set by the ASM Program committee, First Place = US$100.00 and stardom ! -  honorable mention is still worth mentioning in a CV...

Session Info

Ancillary: Working Group Session 2

Sun, 09/13/2009 - 8:30am - 7:00pm
Reusch Auditorium