J Megan Waltz wins Student Poster Contest

Congratulations to J Megan Waltz (KBS) for winning the 2009 ASM Student Poster Contest. Megan’s poster, Predator and pollinator response to flowering strips varies with landscape diversity, came first among 175 student poster entries, enabling her to win a $100 check.

J. Megan WaltzRobert B. Waide, Executive Director of the LTER Network Office, noted that the contest was organized to recognize the excellent research being done by LTER graduate students, in whose hands the future of LTER science will soon rest.

The contest runners up were:
First Honorable Mention: Rebecca Hewitt (BNZ) - Going Underground: The role of mycorrhizal fungi in promoting or inhibiting post-fire seedling establishment across treeline in Alaska

Second Honorable Mention: Julia La Roche (ARC) - Environmental Influences on the Genetic Diversity of Arctic Stream Bacterial Communities

Third Honorable Mention: Ashley Keiser (CWT) - Convergence of microbial community function in common environments is associated with loss of function in alternate environments

Fourth Honorable Mention (tie): Robert Stewart (PIE) - Separation of river network scale nitrogen removal among the main channel and two transient storage compartments and Marko Spasojevic (NWT) - Predicting community response to N-enrichment with SLA: a multisystem test