Understanding patterns in primary production and species richness via long-term datasets

Scott Collins
Alan Knapp

The goal of this workgroup is to continue discussions initiated at an EcoTrends working group meeting held in April 2009. The goal of the group is to develop synthetic products based on the long term ANPP and species richness datasets in the EcoTrends database as well as other sources of information. The ANPP and richness data and figures in EcoTrends consist of simple temporal trends over time. Theory predicts a hump-shaped relationship between species richness and ANPP over space, and a positive relationship between species richness and NPP within a site, up to some asymptotic value. Mechanisms for these relationships are still hotly debated. That is, ANPP is a driver of richness spatially whereas richness is a driver of NPP within a site, up to some level of species richness. In this workshop, we will further examine these preliminary relationships and will work on analytical approaches to determine temporal dynamics, and lag responses.

Because this working group continues a previous effort, we wish initially to limit attendance to previous participants of the EcoTrends working group. Others interested in attending should contact the organizers for more information.


Session Info

Working Group Session 4

Tue, 09/15/2009 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Longs Peak Granite Pass