Sensor network technologies: Recent innovations and tools for management and analysis of sensor data

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Donald Henshaw
Barbara Benson

First talks of the session - outline presented by Don Henshaw

Second round of talks of the session, Peter Doran and others. Warning, video drops the sound by the end - apologies - we also cannot offer the panel discussion, as the sound was unavailable.

The deployment of innovative sensor technologies and high performance wireless communication at ecological field research locations is generating large volumes of near real-time data streams that allow for unprecedented scientific questions and educational opportunities. Accompanying this sensor network development is a crucial need for tools to control, process, coordinate, validate, and analyze multiple data streams. These innovative approaches or technology tools include, for example, mechanisms for routing and querying sensor data, workflows, quality assurance of near real-time data, visualization, or interfaces that provide unique educational opportunities. Tools being developed address the challenges due to the volume and complexity of sensor data, but there may be gaps in needed tool development or problems preventing the adoption of existing tools. New types of sensors may also have additional features that would require further tool development. 

We propose a 2-3 hour workshop that would serve to exchange information about sensor network development in a series of short talks, but would leave significant time (~1 hour) for a panel discussion specifically focused on identifying gaps in sensor network tool development, exploring possibilities for coordination of tool development, and enhancing adoption of existing tools through training and support. The informational talks would set the stage for the focused panel discussion. Informational talks will include innovations in sensor technologies, an overview of sensor development throughout the LTER network, integration of sensor network data in physical-chemical-biological models, development of tools to engage citizen scientists with sensor data, and other topics. Panel members will be selected to represent key innovations in tool development. Existing technologies will be reviewed and needed developments will be identified. Advantages regarding adoption of existing tools and the opportunities for training and support will also be discussed. Some additional discussion on sensor construction and alternative ways to collecting environmental data will be explored.

An outcome of this session might be a proposal for a post-ASM workshop to further address coordination of tool development and/or adoption and reuse of existing tools. Additionally, this workshop may serve to facilitate collaboration and identify researchers involved in the deployment of sensor networks and associated management tools.


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Working Group Session 4

Tue, 09/15/2009 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Wind River C
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