Microbial diversity and processes comparisons among LTER sites

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D Lodge
Sharon Cantrell
Linda Blum
Grizelle Gonzalez

The objective of this brainstorming session is to provide a venue for microbial ecologists to meet others doing similar research at other LTER sites in order to foster cross-site comparisons and collaborations in the areas of microbial diversity and processes. Possible areas for cross-comparison include responses of microbe-mediated processes to climate change or nitrogen loading, and a potential consortium of sites testing the Moorhead & Sinsabaugh (2006) model of litter decay that is based on differential rates of degradation of litter components by different microbial groups. A number of climate change studies are being initiated or are underway at various LTER sites that could potentially provide microbial process data for comparisons among sites. The Luquillo LTER site is detecting a possible hypersensitivity in soil respiration to small intra-annual variation in temperatures that is greater than expected from Q10. Nitrogen loading, either from anthropogenic inputs or as experimental manipulations, are occurring in several LTER sites, and cross-comparison of their effects on decomposition and nutrient cycling could be useful. Additional areas for cross-site collaboration and comparisons are likely to arise from the discussions.

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Working Group Session 1

Mon, 09/14/2009 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Reusch Auditorium Dodge
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Adam Clayton
Darcy Taniguchi
Lawrence Lin
Matt Kane