Key Elements of Site-Based Long-Term Information Management: A Curriculum for Educating Ecological Information Managers

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Kristin Vanderbilt
Helena Karasti
Karen Baker
Inigo San Gil
David Blankman

New information managers (IMs) in the US LTER and the ILTER are often asked to perform tasks, such as developing a new site information management system, with little knowledge of the concepts from fields such as informatics, library sciences and computer science that provide a foundation for local information environments. Furthermore, many IMs work in isolation and have few opportunities to learn about new and ever-changing technologies and approaches in information management that could help them develop their site-based information management system and also contribute to network-level functions. Both beginning and experienced IMs could benefit from information management learning modules on a range of conceptual, organizational, and technical topics. To investigate methods for meeting this need, some prototype LTER information management videos have been generated and posted on the ILTER website (see working group materials). Initial feedback from viewers indicates that while these videos are a good start, a more comprehensive suite of modules is needed that includes a variety of topics as well as information on how they might interrelate or contribute to development of a curriculum.

In this working group, both experienced and inexperienced information managers will be engaged to get their perspectives on what is involved in LTER information management and what background it would be helpful to have when developing site-based information management systems. What are relevant strategies? What are the components of an information management system? What are the roles of the IM? What tools are recommended? Based on this discussion, the group will identify topics and how topics might be organized into categories-of-interest that will be a first step toward an LTER information management curriculum. The goal of this working group is to achieve a shared understanding of information management and a set of information management categories and topics that will guide development of educational materials.

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Working Group Session 1

Mon, 09/14/2009 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Working Group Session 2

Mon, 09/14/2009 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Reusch Auditorium Sweet
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Victoria Goodall
Sabina Datcu
Nik Stevenson-Molnar
Sergio Dos Santo
David Wise
Kyle Kwaiser
Bruce Wilson
David Huber
Steve Jackson
David Ribes
Youngsun Kim
Erika Pinto Quitero