ILTER in Northern Patagonia: Developing a strategy for coordinating plans for Argentina and Chile

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Barbara Bond
Julia Jones

After many years of discussions, there are now serious efforts to initiate ILTER-like activities in adjacent regions of western Argentina and central Chile. Collectively, this area is often called “northern Patagonia”. For the most part, ILTER organizers in Argentina and Chile, as well as their U.S. collaborators, have been operating independently. However, all of these scientists recognize that there is significant value in coordinating plans for long-term ecological research in northern Patagonia. 

The purpose of this working group will be to provide a forum for ILTER organizers in Argentina and Chile, and for their U.S. collaborators, to share their plans for long-term ecological research and to initiate discussions for coordinating plans. We will also develop a strategy to continue these discussions following the workshop. 

We have invited key organizers of ILTER programs in Argentina and Chile to attend the ASM. Several of their U.S. collaborators will also be in attendance. Others who have an interest in long-term ecological research in this region are welcome to attend and participate. 

We realize that there will be a much larger working group that the ASM that is devoted to the overall ILTER program. The Northern Patagonia working group will be shorter in duration, smaller, and will complement this larger discussion.

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Working Group Session 1

Mon, 09/14/2009 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Longs Peak Keyhole
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