Cross-Site Working Group on Coupled Human-Natural Systems

Final Report (Required, .pdf format only) : 
William Freudenburg
Craig Harris

This session is intended both for social and biophysical scientists who want to help develop a proposal for the kind of “multi-site, highly collaborative and integrated research initiative” envisioned by the LTER planning group. The focus will be on what the LTER planning process calls the “centerpiece” of the group's conceptual framework, as well as one of “Grand Challenges” to be addressed at the network level – “the dynamics of coupled human-natural ecosystems.”

This session will build on the work done in previous LTER workshops and the updates since that time. The intention will be to move to the next steps – developing an actual proposal for funding, and planning the coordination of research across sites. The session is open both to persons from sites that have a history of focusing on social science questions and those that do not.

Although the working group format is listed as "brainstorming", the intention is that the brainstorming will eventuate in a process that wil generate a multi-site, highly integrated project on the dynamics of several coupled human-natural systems.

Session Info

Working Group Session 5

Wed, 09/16/2009 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Reusch Auditorium Sweet
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"Craig Harris" <Craig.Harris@SSC.MSU.EDU>, Victor Thompson <>, John Turck <>, Hannah Gosnell <>, Sharon Hall <>, Abigail York <>, Jim Gosz <>, "Wm. R. Freudenburg" <>