Arts/Humanities at LTER Sites

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Frederick Swanson
Timothy Kratz
Kevin Meierbachtol
Mary Leigh

Several LTER sites have explored engagement with the arts/humanities, for example: performing arts at Bonanza, visual arts at North Temperate Lakes, writing/philosophy at Andrews Forest, environmental history/literature at Harvard Forest. These collaborative undertakings have resulted in public performances; publication of books, essays and poems; and gallery displays of art work. This work is both outreach and also primary inquiry as people with different ways of knowing experience and communicate about the ecosystems studied by LTER scientists. Attendance of more than 100 at half-day session in the San Jose ESA meeting indicates wide community interest in linking with the arts/humanities at LTER sites, field stations, and other locations. Several dozen people enthusiastically took part in a workshop on arts/humanities at LTER sites at the 2006 ASM. Recent communications with leaders of about 10 LTER site reveal substantial interest in this development in LTER. We propose a brainstorming session at the 2009 ASM with the objectives of sharing information on approaches and outcomes, encouraging site and inter-site activities on this theme, and building a core multi-site program of work that may attract support from the NSF Informal Education program. The time is right.

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Working Group Session 3

Tue, 09/15/2009 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Wind River C